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Do You Know How to Use Words to Turn More Visitors and Prospects into Leads and Sales?

Your company writes. But Forbes says 90% of all business content doesn't sell. Does yours?

A former IT pro, I'm a freelance copywriter based near Chicago who writes simple, fun, and engaging words your B2B, software, or service firm can use to speed up your sales cycle, increase your sales per customer, and unlock hidden revenue streams.

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Most businesses write words prospects don't care about. Others have interesting topics. But they still struggle to engage.

As a B2B copywriter near Chicago, I have an unduplicated ability to inform, engage, and entertain that keeps your prospects reading until the absolute end.

I work with CMOs, directors of marketing, SVPs of sales and marketing, and owners of tech startups, established tech leaders, and professional services firms (law, finance, mortgages, insurance and others) use enchanting words that command action and improve time to profitability.

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Marketing Isn’t Just Writing Mass Quantities of Content!

Do you know your "unique selling proposition?"

What benefits do your customers get from using your services?

How do you connect with today's savvy consumers and informed B2B buyers? They finish 60% of the sales process by the time they first talk to you! If they talk to you at all...

Links, shares, and content get you visibility.
But you lose a ton of leads if you don't write about topics in an insightful way that helps your prospects make decisions.
You need a technology copywriter who keeps your ideal customers so engaged they can't wait to hear from you the next time (even if you have a "boring" product or service). Find out how to make this happen as you:
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